zaterdag 19 augustus 2017

No newsletter today

This is just to let you know that today (August 19) there won't be a newsletter sent out. I don't have a new release, nor a re-releas, nor any other announcements. If you are waiting for the newsletter freebie (the alpha that goes with A Summer Story/Pampered Pups Blogtrain), next week I have a newsletter to go out. Next week will also be your last chance to get the freebies for that blogtrain!

dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

$2 Tuesday

It's Tuesday and that means: $2 deals! This week you can get my 3 Template Packs for just $2 each, but only TODAY (August 15)! Check it out in my PDW-shop!

zaterdag 12 augustus 2017

Mermaid Lagoon, the kit

This week's new release is not completely new: Mermaid Lagoon was part of July's Happy Hour. Now the paper pack, the basic elements, the mermaid elements and a brand new alpha are bundled into a full kit. All single packs are still available as well!

dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

$2 Tuesday

It's Tuesday and todays deals are each others opposites! You can choose the warm Blush Hour (plus the add-ons) or the cooler Something Misc. Each pack is available for just $2, only on August 8!

zondag 6 augustus 2017

Sunday Specials

It's the first Sunday of a new month and that means: Sunday Specials. To celebrate our vacation, I added some kits (plus their add-ons) that represent 'vacation' to this category. So today only (Sunday, August 6) you can get Gelato Hut, H2O, Go Outdoors and Fresh Air for just $1!

zaterdag 5 augustus 2017

So Squared Templates

This week I have a new set of templates for you: So Squared. Inspired by the pocket style that so many of you like. And although I'm not really into it myself, I liked the way my pages came together.

dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

$2 Tuesday!

It's Tuesday, so that means: new deals for only $2! Just check them out:

Today only I have Lavender Dream and Mental Vacation on sale for just $2!

Pampered Pups Blogtrain: A Summer Story

A new month means a new blogtrain. And since we are in the middle of summer (on the Northern Hemisphere at least), the Pampered Pups blogtrain is all about those summer stories. What is your story for this summer?

As Always I have my part devided in several parts. Make sure you pick them all up!
The elements can be downloaded here on my blog.
On my Facebook page you'll find the patterned papers.
If you are already a part of the Designs by Romajo fan goup on Facebook, you'll find the solids over there. If not, make sure you become part of it to stay up-to-date of all the news!
And speaking of staying up-to-date, another way is by signing up for my newsletter. During August you'll receive the alpha for this in your inbox as well!

maandag 31 juli 2017

Final day for Happy Hour!

The Happy Hour is still going on! So if you missed something, you still can get the packs for only $1 each. But be quick, because this deal will end TODAY!!! I added 7 packs which you can mix and match with the other designers' packs. Enjoy!

zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Speed Scrap Marathon

This weekend it is finally here: the annual speed scrap marathon at MouseScrappers. In just 1 hour I'll be hosting the first speed scrap for today. So flip your fins and swim by. If you join in the chat, you'll get a special coupon for my shop. And when you finish your page on time, you'll receive a set of journalingcards!

Happy Hour still going on!

The Happy Hour is still going on! So if you missed something, you still can get the packs for only $1 each. But be quick, because this deal will end on Monday. I added 7 packs which you can mix and match with the other designers' packs. Enjoy!

vrijdag 28 juli 2017

Speed Scrap Marathon @ MouseScrappers

Today starts the annual speed scrap marathon at MouseScrappers. Make sure you are all set up and join in the fun! I'll be hosting the first speed scrap tomorrow morning and you'll get something that goes with my Mermaid Lagoon packs! Have fun this weekend and I hope you'll get some pages scrapped about the Happiest Place on Earth!

dinsdag 25 juli 2017

Happy Hour Is finally here!

The end of the month brings something new to Plain Digital Wrapper: Happy Hour! A place where you can build your own cocktail of papers, elements, alphas, templates and so much more! The palette made me think of mermaids, so I used that for my theme. I ended up with 7 packs: alphas, mermaid elements, basic elements, wordart, papers, extra papers and solids. And the best part: each pack is available for only $1 until the end of the month!

$2 Tuesday: Tales of Magic

Yay, it's Tuesday and that means: great deals! This upcoming weekend it is time for the annual speed scrap marathon at MouseScrappers, soI decided to add some magic to the $2 Tuesday category! Tales of Magic and all the add-ons (except for the Princess packs and the grabbag) are on sale for just $2 for one day only on July 25! You better be quick, because this deal won't come back soon!

zaterdag 22 juli 2017

No newsletter today & a sneak peek

Hi everyone, this is just a a quick note to let you know that the newsletter won't be sent out today. I have nothing new today, but on July 25th there will be something new and exciting coming to Plain Digital Wrapper. So I thought I better not bother you with a newsletter with nothing at all and a second newsletter a few days later. If you are waiting for the free alphas, they will come this Tuesday as well, including the new Happy Hour, plus the $2 Tuesday packs, plus the MouseScrappers' annual speed scrap marathon announcement. Here's a sneak peek for what I have coming in the Happy Hour on July 25 at PDW:

dinsdag 18 juli 2017

$2 Tuesday: Party Time

Tomorrow it's been 13 years since we became parents. Actually, today 13 years ago I was in labor the whole day. Those who have kids know what a life changing event this is. So to celebrate our daughter's birthday I have 6 kits added to the $2 Tuesday category! Remeber: this deal is only available TODAY!
Celebrate With Cake:

New Beginnings:

Growing Pains:

Loud About Girls:

Mother's Day:

Father's Day:

vrijdag 14 juli 2017

DC33: Bloghop

Welcome to a new Designer Challenge Bloghop! This time we got to choose: we got a theme (Star Wars) and a colorpalette. It was up to us if we went with the theme, the palette or both. I went with the palette, added two extra colors and with then the 'star' part of the theme. This way it can be used for both the theme and the palette contributions.
For the bloghop I made another Mickey Style freebie. Always useful for those Disney related pages, right?
You can download the elements here on my blog.
The (patterned) papers can be found om my facebook page. Look for the DC33 tab on the left.
If you go to my new Designs by Romajo Fanpage on Facebook, you can download the solids.
And last but not least, the alpha will be available through my newsletters for the next few weeks. You can sign up here, if you haven't done already.

In case you get lost, here's the complete bloghop list:
Chef Minnie Mouse
Romajo <-- You are here!

dinsdag 11 juli 2017

$2 Tuesday: Camping Adventure

Since my daughter left for summer camp with her scouts pack last Saturday, I decided this Camping Adventure kit was the perfect kit for $2 Tuesday. So today only, this kit is available for just $2. Don't miss out on your own Camping Adventure!

zaterdag 8 juli 2017

Blush Hour, Kit & add-ons

The summer sun sure will bring some blush on your face. But there are so many more reasons that make your face turn to red. The warm feeling you get when you see a loved one is sure to bring some blush on your face as well. Blush Hour is all about that warm feeling, in a positive way. Not the embarrassing way your face gets a blush. Is a happy feeling, the feeling you get when near to those you love or the tan the sun will bring to your face. This blush will make your face glow and maybe you can be a light for others.

Besides the kit there are also two add-ons: a Solids Paper Pack and a Wordart Pack. Perfect to use with the kit, to add those sayings to your page and just bring in some balance between the patterned papers.

dinsdag 4 juli 2017

$2 Tuesday

Since it's the 4th of July that means it is Independence Day in the States. I hope that those who celebrate have time to check out the $2 Tuesday category, because if you missed this kit on sale last Sunday as Sunday Special, now is your chance to get Freedom & Independence for $2 Tuesday.

maandag 3 juli 2017

Comic Sans Day Freebie

It came to my attention that today happened to be Comic Sans Day. I've Always thought it's a fun font, but I know a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with it. And since tomorow it's Independence Day in the United States, I thought I should use this font and make a free alpha in red, white and blue.
Today I also started something new onFacebook: a fan page to share new releases, exclusive freebies and you can post your layouts made with my products. And to start of right, I have added this alpha as a first freebie! Enjoy!

zondag 2 juli 2017

Sunday Specials

It's the first Sunday of month and that means: Sunday Specials. Since both Canada and the USA celebrate their national holidays this week, I added 4 kits with either red or blue (or both) to this special category. And the best part? Each kit is available for only $1. But be quick, this deal only lasts for 1 day!
Dock Of The Bay:

Freedom & Independence

Tales Of Magic: Blue Princess:

Under African Sky

zaterdag 1 juli 2017

New month, new newsletter freebie!

Happy July! A new month also means a new freebie for my newsletter readers. This time it's an alpha that coordinates a kit that is coming this month: Blush Hour. Right now it's not completely ready, but I hope to have it soon! So take this alpha as a sneak peek. Do you like this Sunny, warm and sparkly alpha? If so, you can sign up for my newsletter here and stay in the loop of all the Designs by Romajo news: new kits, freebies, bloghops, sales and more. The newsletter will be sent out on Saturdays, every now and then you'll get an exta newsletter during the week (but only if I have a really special announcement that can't wait).

3 Re-releases with a summer vibe

Today I have 3 kits for you in my Plain Digital Wrapper shop. These kits, all with a summer vibe, have been released before, so check your stash!

Lavender Dream:

Dreaming of summer? Lavender Dream will bring you in the mood to relax and takes you to the lavender fields as well.

Movie Under The Stars:

Want to watch a Movie Under The Stars? If your summer plans include going to the cinema or the drive-in, this is your kit.

Summer Sunset:

At the end of every (summer) day, the sun will set. Do you stay outside to watch the Summer Sunset? It should be on your summer bucketlist, because it's a golden moment. Don't forget to scrap it!

Cattitude Blogtrain

Welcome to a new-to-me blogtrain: Pampered Pups Blogtrain. This time the picked cat colors and the theme is Cattitude. Since I love cats, this was easy for me.

As Always for any blogtrain, I devided my minikit in 3 parts.
You can download the elements here on my blog.
The papers can be found on my Facebook page.
And during July the alpha is one of my newsletter freebies. If you aren't signed up yet, you can do so here. Every Saturday you'll get it in your inbox and you stay in the loop for all Designs by Romajo news.
In case you get lost, here's the complete bloghop list. Makes sure to leave your pawprint after downloading!
Train departs here:

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